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Cassels & Sons Brewery Cassels & Sons Brewery Canterbury Brew Pub Zac Cassels
Brew Moon Brewing Company Brew Moon Brewing Company Canterbury Brew Pub Belinda Gould
Mikes Organic Brewing Mikes Organic Brewing Taranaki Brew Pub Ron Trigg
Golden Bear Brewing Golden Bear Brewing Tasman Brew Pub
Mussel Inn Mussel Inn Tasman Brew Pub Mussel Inn
Fork Brewing Fork Brewing Wellington Brew Pub Colin Mallon
Galbraith's Alehouse Auckland Brew Pub Sam Williamson, Brewer
Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria Tasman Brew Pub Mic Heynekamp
Brew Union Brewing Company Brew Union Brewing Company Manawatu-Wanganui Brew Pub Murray Cleghorn
Heyday Beer Co Heyday Beer Co Wellington Brew Pub Hamish Sail
Aotearoa Brewery Aotearoa Brewery Bay of Plenty Brewery Tammy Viitakangas
DB Breweries DB Breweries Auckland Brewery DB Breweries
Emerson's Brewery Emerson's Brewery Otago Brewery Richard Emerson
McCashins Brewery McCashins Brewery Tasman Brewery Brewery
Renaissance Brewery Renaissance Brewery Marlborough Brewery Sales
Three Boys Brewery Three Boys Brewery Canterbury Brewery Brewer
Tuatara Brewing Tuatara Brewing Wellington Brewery Richard Shirtcliffe, Head Boy
Wanaka Beerworks Wanaka Beerworks Otago Brewery Ruenell Wing
Wigram Brewing Company Wigram Brewing Company Canterbury Brewery Sales
Sprig & Fern Sprig & Fern Tasman Brewery Tracy Banner
The Twisted Hop The Twisted Hop Canterbury Brewery Martin Bennett
Eagle Brewing NZ Eagle Brewing NZ Canterbury Brewery Dave Gaughan
ParrotDog ParrotDog Wellington Brewery Matt Kristofski
Liberty Brewing Liberty Brewing Taranaki Brewery Joseph
Kereru Brewing Kereru Brewing Wellington Brewery Chris Mills
Sawmill Brewing Company Sawmill Brewing Company Auckland Brewery Mike Sutherland
Waiheke Brewery Waiheke Brewery Auckland Brewery Rob
Steam Brewing Steam Brewing Auckland Brewery Nigel
Bulmer Harvest Bulmer Harvest Gisborne Brewery Hamish Jackson
Founders Organic Brewery Founders Organic Brewery Tasman Brewery John Duncan
Hawkes Bay Brewing Co. Hawkes Bay Brewing Co. Hawke's Bay Brewery Brewery
Boundry Road Boundary Road Auckland Brewery brewmaster
Lion Nathan Auckland Brewery
Zeelandt Brewery Zeelandt Brewery Hawke's Bay Brewery Brewery
Townshend Brewery Townshend Brewery Tasman Brewery Martin Townshend
Harringtons Breweries Harrington's Breweries Canterbury Brewery Carl Harrington
Baylands Brewery Baylands Brewery Wellington Brewery Aidan Styles
Deep Creek Brewing Co Deep Creek Brewing Co Auckland Brewery Scott Taylor
Garage Project Garage Project Wellington Brewery Contact
Schippers Bitter Schippers Bitter Northland Brewery Neils Schipper
Good George Brewing Good George Brewing Waikato Brewery Race Louden
Hancock & Co Hancock & Co Auckland Brewery Riccardo Nandi
Hop Federation Brewery Hop Federation Brewery Tasman Brewery Nicki Nicholas
Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd Bay of Plenty Brewery Catherine Fitzpatrick
Two Thumb Brewing Co Ltd Two Thumb Brewing Canterbury Brewery Clayton Wallwork
Behemoth Brewing Company Behemoth Brewing Company Auckland Brewery Andrew Childs
Croucher Brewing Co Croucher Brewing Co Bay of Plenty Brewery Paul Croucher
Queenstown Brewers Queenstown Brewers Otago Brewery John Wallace Bach Brewing Auckland Brewery Craig Cooper Mount Brewing Co Bay of Plenty Brewery Steve Edkins, Head Brewer
Sunshine Brewery Gisborne Brewery Philip Shepherd Forbidden Brewing Co Auckland Brewery Alan Spinks Weezledog Brewing Auckland Brewery Mark Jackman Sparks Brewing Auckland Brewery Adam Sparks, Brewer Moa Brewing Co Marlborough Brewery Dave Nicholls
Fat Monk Brewing Co Hawke's Bay Brewery Dermot Haworth Altitude Brewing Otago Brewery Eliott Menzies Martinborough Brewery Wellington Brewery Hayden Frew, Managing Director Craftwork Brewery Otago Brewery Lee-Ann Scotti & Michael O'Brien Eruption Brewing Canterbury Brewery Brewer Brave Brewing Hawke's Bay Brewery Matt Smith
Epic Beer Epic Beer Auckland Brewery Luke Nicholas Brew Mountain Canterbury Brewery Liam Tranter
Laughing Bones Brewing Co. Auckland Brewery John Morawski Standing Spoon Brewery Auckland Brewery Caroline Novak Tiamana Wellington Brewery Annika Naschitzki
Wild & Woolly Brewing Wild & Woolly Brewing Wellington Brewery Llew Bardecki
North End Brewing North End Brewing Wellington Brewery Kieran Haslett-Moore Panhead Custom Ales Wellington Brewery Brewer Shed 152/Hop Invaders Otago Brewery Brewer Duncan's Brewing Wellington Brewery George Duncan, Head Brewer Giant Brewing Hawke's Bay Brewery Chris Ormond Rocky Knob Brewing Bay of Plenty Brewery Bron Marshall
Hallertau Brewery Hallertau Northland Brewery Stephen Plowman, Captain of Beer
Birkenhead Brewing Company Birkenhead Brewing Company Auckland Brewery Steve Simms, Beer Baron
Choice Bros Choice Bros Brewing Ltd Wellington Brewery Kerry Gray
McLeod's Brewery McLeod's Brewery Northland Brewery Jason Bathgate
Te Aro Brewing Te Aro Brewing Wellington Brewery Karl Hayes
The Herbalist by New Zealand Beer Ltd The Herbalist by New Zealand Beer Ltd Brewery Rebecca Stenbeck
Black Sands Brewing Black Sands Brewing Auckland Brewery Ian Hebblethwaite
Napier Brewing Company Napier Brewing Company Hawke's Bay Brewery Jeremy Bayliss
GodsOwn Brewery GodsOwn Brewery Hawke's Bay Brewery Godfrey Quemeneur
Hot Water Brewing Co Hot Water Brewing Co Bay of Plenty Brewery Dave Kurth
Ferris Road Brewery Ferris Road Brewery Otago Brewery Sam Forsyth
Fortune Favours Fortune Favours Wellington Brewery Shannon Thorpe
Emporium Brewing Emporium Brewing Canterbury Brewery Paul and Laura Finney
8 Wired Brewing 8 Wired Brewing Marlborough Contract Brewery Soren Eriksen
Dales Brewing Co Dales Brewing Co West Coast Contract Brewery Dale Holland
Yeastie Boys Yeastie Boys Wellington Contract Brewery Yeastie Boys
Valkyrie Brewing Co Valkyrie Brewing Co Canterbury Contract Brewery Wendy Roigard
Raindogs Brewing Co Raindogs Brewing Co Canterbury Contract Brewery Brewer
Funk Estate - Auckland Funk Estate Auckland Contract Brewery Shigeo Takagi HorseBox Tasman Contract Brewery Phil Mcardle
Burkes Brewing Co Burkes Brewing Co Canterbury Contract Brewery Sebastian Burke
Double Vision Brewing Company Double Vision Brewing Company Wellington Contract Brewery Harry Henriksen
  • Cassels & Sons Brewery
  • Aotearoa Brewery
  • Brew Moon Brewing Company
  • DB Breweries
  • Emerson's Brewery
  • 8 Wired Brewing
  • Mikes Organic Brewing
  • Dales Brewing Co
  • Golden Bear Brewing
  • McCashins Brewery
  • Mussel Inn
  • Renaissance Brewery
  • Three Boys Brewery
  • Tuatara Brewing
  • Wanaka Beerworks
  • Wigram Brewing Company
  • Yeastie Boys
  • Sprig & Fern
  • The Twisted Hop
  • Eagle Brewing NZ
  • Valkyrie Brewing Co
  • ParrotDog
  • Liberty Brewing
  • Kereru Brewing
  • Sawmill Brewing Company
  • Waiheke Brewery
  • Steam Brewing
  • Raindogs Brewing Co
  • Bulmer Harvest
  • Founders Organic Brewery
  • Hawkes Bay Brewing Co.
  • Boundry Road
  • Zeelandt Brewery
  • Townshend Brewery
  • Funk Estate - Auckland
  • Harringtons Breweries
  • Baylands Brewery
  • Deep Creek Brewing Co
  • Garage Project
  • Schippers Bitter
  • Fork Brewing
  • Good George Brewing
  • Hancock & Co
  • Hop Federation Brewery
  • Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd
  • Two Thumb Brewing Co Ltd
  • Behemoth Brewing Company
  • Croucher Brewing Co
  • Queenstown Brewers
  • Epic Beer
  • Wild & Woolly Brewing
  • North End Brewing
  • Hallertau Brewery
  • Birkenhead Brewing Company
  • Choice Bros
  • McLeod's Brewery
  • Te Aro Brewing
  • The Herbalist by New Zealand Beer Ltd
  • Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria
  • Black Sands Brewing
  • Napier Brewing Company
  • Burkes Brewing Co
  • GodsOwn Brewery
  • Double Vision Brewing Company
  • Hot Water Brewing Co
  • Ferris Road Brewery
  • Fortune Favours
  • Brew Union Brewing Company
  • Heyday Beer Co
  • Emporium Brewing


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