Boundary Road

Boundry Road

In New Zealand Independent Liquor is the number one player in RTDs, number two in spirits and liqueurs combined, and number three in beer.

Independent’s own beverages, such as NZ Pure and the Boundary Road Brewery craft range, are going from strength to strength. The company’s beers coupled with international brands such as Carlsberg, Tuborg and Kingfisher, which are brewed under licence, have seen Independent double its production in two years and increase market share.

The brewery launched its craft range with a high profile recruitment campaign for 999 beer tasters. The names are typically edgy and off-the-wall: The Chosen One Golden Lager; Grizzly Beer Ginger Beer; Bouncing Czech Pilsener Lager; Flying Fortress New Zealand Pale Ale and the Lawn Ranger. New brews continue to be launched at a fast pace in the innovative style the brewery is becoming known for.

New Zealand
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