The Twisted Hop

The Twisted Hop

The Twisted Hop Real Ale Brewery has relocated to new premises in Wigram. The brewpub in Poplar Lane is closed for the foreseeable future due to earthquake damage, but new bars are planned for Woolston and Lincoln.  In the meantime the full range of beers are onsale direct from the brewery shop.

Martin Bennett and Stephen Hardman arrived in New Zealand from England with their families in February of 2003, on separate planes and unaware that they had the same dream of bringing cask conditioned beer to New Zealand.

They were both disappointed with the bland, sweet, cold and fizzy offerings found in most pubs and bars of Christchurch. Through networking in the brewing industry, they were brought together and a plan was hatched. Together they decided to set up a brewery and bar of their own, to brew beers that are full of flavour and served in the traditional manner, just as beer has been produced in England for many hundreds of years.

The Twisted Hop Brewery
7b Parkhouse Road Wigram
Christchurch, Canterbury
New Zealand
Phone: 03 962 3688
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