Conference Schedule

8:00am Registration and Exhibition Gallery Opens

Oceania Room, level 3


9:00am Conference Opens

MC Ian Klinac opens the conference and welcomes the conference sponsors Kegstar, and its NZ Operations Manager John Austin


9:30am Speaker: Sandy Hall, The Resilience Institue

Employee Wellbeing

Sandy Hall will discuss employee wellbeing, and how it is a key driver of the commercial success of all organisations. 


10:10am Speaker: Matt Claridge, Cheers

Safe Alcohol Consumption

Matt will be talking about promoting sustainability through the lens of moderate and safe consumption of alcohol in New Zealand.


10:40am Morning Tea

Exhibition Hall, Oceania Room, Level 3


11:20am Speaker: Derek Orford, Toast Ale

The Toast Ale Story

Derek will be presenting his talk about his experiences from brewing around the world, and recent experience at Toast Ale, including what it's like to be a certified B Corp, and what we can do to brew in a more sustainable way.


11:50am Speakers Panel

Interpreting Sustainability with Mike Sutherland, Jesse Sigurdsson, and Steve Almond

This discussion panel will be talking about each organisations’ unique approach to sustainability, caring for people, and the planet. Hosted by MC Ian Klinac, we'll here stories from successful NZ breweries Shining Peak, Garage Project, and The Fermentist.


12:30pm Speaker: Bryce Holloway, Apex Environmental

Wastewater Treatement

Bryce will be talking about the uniqueness of brewery wastewater compared to other industries, and sustainability as part of a brewery’s brand. He will also be talking about managing cashflow, at what stage of growth you should be upgrading, and presenting case studies.


12:50pm Lunch

Exhibition Hall, Oceania Room, Level 3


1:40pm Speaker: Kris Herbert, Content NZ

Find Your Unique Brew Story

Join Kris for a practical and insightful dive into the power of brand storytelling. Learn how to flesh out your unique and authentic story and how to use it to stand out at every touch point - from your beer labels to your Instagram feed.


2:20pm Speaker: David Procter, Unleashed Software

Using Data And Metrics To Grow A Long Term Brewery Business

David will be presenting on the use of data and metrics to grow a long-term brewery business. He’ll show why it's important to understand the business of beer, important business metrics you should be measuring, setting KPIs, and what high-growth breweries are doing well.


2:50pm Speaker: James Monshing, Yakima Chief Hops

Yakima Chief Hops Practicing Sustainability

James will be presenting on Yakima Chief Hops sustainability practices. As the largest supplier of American hops in the world, Yakima Chief Hops need to be sustainable. They’ve established best harvest practices, social responsibility policies, and implemented rigorous testing procedures in their facilities and farms to minimise their impact on the earth, and sustain harvest for generations to come.


3:20pm Afternoon Tea

Exhibition Hall, Oceania Room, Level 3


4:00pm Speaker: Vicki-Marie Yarker-Jones, Otago Polytechnic

Hops Pillows To Help Sleep

Vicki will be discussing her studies which assess the effectiveness of Hop Pillows for the treatment of insomnia in staff in the healthcare sector. Insomnia is a highly prevalent disorder frequently associated with loss of productivity, poor health outcomes, and higher healthcare utilisation.


4:20pm Speaker: Christopher Kerr, DB 

Practical Tips For Driving An Efficient Brewery

Christopher has pulled together three specific case studies that can be applied to any brewing operation to help improve efficiency, reduce energy use, and ultimately help with the sustainability credentials of your operations.  


4:50pm Speaker: Andrew HigginBotham, Kegstar

Kegstar Sustainability


5:20pm Conference Ends


5:30 - 7:00pm Industry Reception

Exhibition Hall, Oceania Room, Level 3


6:00pm Pink Boots AGM