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Corporate Members

Corporate Members

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Thinking of Starting A Brewery?

Here is a list of things to consider.

Consult with your local council regarding health and hygiene requirements for a brewery.

You will have to create a safe workplace in accordance with OSH regulations and you will need to comply with any resource consents to do with emissions and waste water.

You will also need to contact your local customs office about creating a “Customs Controlled Area” and register to pay excise duty.

If you plan to sell beer directly to the public, then you’ll need an off-license, or an on-license if you intend setting up a bar (but that has its own plethora of requirements) - talk to your local council’s liquor licensing department about that.

This infographic provides an overview for starting a business in New Zealand.

View our corporate members who may be able to help you source equipment, raw materials and services.




  • 8 Wired Brewing
  • Cassels & Sons Brewery
  • Aotearoa Brewery
  • Brew Moon Brewing Company
  • DB Breweries
  • Emerson's Brewery
  • Mikes Organic Brewing
  • Dales Brewing Co
  • Golden Bear Brewing
  • McCashins Brewery
  • Mussel Inn
  • Renaissance Brewery
  • Three Boys Brewery
  • Tuatara Brewing
  • Jabberwocky Brewery
  • Wigram Brewing Company
  • Yeastie Boys
  • Sprig & Fern
  • The Twisted Hop
  • Golden Eagle Brewery
  • Valkyrie Brewing Co
  • ParrotDog
  • Liberty Brewing
  • Kereru Brewing
  • The Sawmill Brewing Company
  • Waiheke Brewery
  • Steam Brewing
  • Raindogs Brewing Co
  • Bulmer Harvest
  • Founders Organic Brewery
  • Hawkes Bay Brewing Co.
  • Boundry Road
  • Zeelandt Brewery
  • Townshend Brewery
  • Funk Estate - Wellington
  • Harringtons Breweries
  • Baylands Brewery
  • Deep Creek Brewing Co
  • Garage Project
  • Schippers Bitter
  • Fork & Brewer
  • Hancock & Co
  • Hop Federation Brewery
  • Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd
  • Regent 58 Brewery
  • Two Thumb Brewing Co Ltd
  • Behemoth Brewing Company
  • Croucher Brewing Co
  • Queenstown Brewers
  • Hot Water Brewing
  • Invercargill Brewery
  • Wild & Woolly Brewing
  • Hallertau Brewery
  • Birkenhead Brewing Company
  • Choice Bros
  • McLeod's Brewery


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