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The Brewers Guild is an incorporated society that represents the brewing industry of New Zealand. We:

  • organise the annual Beer Awards each year along with other social and educational events
  • promote education of the trade and to the public about beer
  • aim to protect the interests of the brewing industry when to comes to changes in the law
  • work collaboratively to try and grow the beer sector as a whole, and the Guild forms a good networking organisation for Members
  • communicate news and special offers that we think may be of interest to our Members by way of email, e-newsletters, website and social media. 
  • handle media enquiries and make statements to the press when appropriate 
  • commission a market survey of our members annually which gives us and media information about changes in our industry
  • hold our AGM during the week of the Beer Awards so as many members as possible can attend and voice views

Membership Categories

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership is open if you are the owner or a representative of a legal brewing entity in New Zealand.  This may be a company that has beer contract-brewed by another brewery.  You will have voting rights at the AGM. Each Ordinary Member has 1 equal vote regardless of the size of brewery.

Membership Benefits details under development - details to come soon

Corporate Membership

If you are the owner of a corporation that supports the brewing industry in New Zealand then joining the Guild as a Corporate Member will help support the craft brewing industry and give you the benefits as listed below.

Membership Benefits details under development - details to come soon

Cider Makers

Cider makers (that are not part of a brewing entity) may joing the Brewers Guild, but have no voting rights.  The Brewers Guild Awards include a cider and perry category and by joining the Brewers Guiold you are supporting the organisation of this award, and any other activities where there is an overlap between beer and cider.  As a member you will benefit from reduced rates when entering ciders and perries into the Awards.

Membership Benefits details under development - details to come soon

Hospitality/Retail Members

Hospitality/Retail shops and pubs who support beer may join the Guild.  They do not have voting rights but enjoy other benefits.

Membership Benefits details under development- details to come soon

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any individual who wishes to support and be involved with the activities of the Brewers Guild.  Those planning to start a brewery or small breweries and contract brewers who do not wish to have voting rights may join as Associate Members.

Membership Benefits details under development - details to come soon


2018 Membership Fees

Fees are invoiced annually on 1 January.  Monthy payment options will be available in 2018 (this is under development)

Ordinary Membership Fee (excl GST)
Small Tier 1:  up to 50,000 litres pa $1,000
Small Tier 2:  50,001 to 75,000 litres pa $1,200
Small Tier 3:  75,001 to 100,000 litres pa $1,500
Medium Tier 1:  100,001 to 500,000 litres pa $2,000
Medium Tier 2:  500,001 to 2 million litres pa $3,000
Large Tier 1:  2 million to 5 million $5,000
Large Tier 2:  5 million plus $15,000
Corporate Membership 2018 Fees TBA
Cider Maker Membership as per Ordinary Membership
Hospitality/Retail Membership 2018 Fees TBA
Associate Membership 2018 Fees TBA

Please Note:

  • Corporate, and Hospitality/Retail members enjoy all the benefits of an ordinary member except discounted entry to the Beer Awards and cannot vote at an AGM.
  • A foreign brewing entity with a representative company in New Zealand (but with no brewing facility) may join as a corporate member and enter beers (or ciders) for the Beer Awards at the member rate, but cannot vote at an AGM.
  • Cider Producers in New Zealand may join the Guild as Cider members and enter ciders for the Beer Awards at the member rate but cannot vote at an AGM.



  • Cassels & Sons Brewery
  • Aotearoa Brewery
  • Brew Moon Brewing Company
  • DB Breweries
  • Emerson's Brewery
  • 8 Wired Brewing
  • mike's Brewery
  • Golden Bear Brewing
  • McCashins Brewery
  • Mussel Inn
  • Renaissance Brewery
  • Three Boys Brewery
  • Tuatara Brewing
  • Wanaka Beerworks
  • Wigram Brewing Company
  • Yeastie Boys
  • Sprig & Fern
  • The Twisted Hop
  • Eagle Brewing NZ
  • Valkyrie Brewing Co
  • ParrotDog
  • Liberty Brewing
  • Sawmill Brewing Company
  • Waiheke Brewery
  • Steam Brewing
  • Raindogs Brewing Co
  • Bulmer Harvest
  • Park Life Brewing Co
  • Hawkes Bay Brewing Co.
  • Boundry Road
  • Zeelandt Brewery
  • Townshend Brewery
  • Funk Estate - Auckland
  • Harringtons Breweries
  • Baylands Brewery
  • Deep Creek Brewing Co
  • Garage Project
  • Fork Brewing
  • Good George Brewing
  • Hop Federation Brewery
  • Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd
  • Two Thumb Brewing Co Ltd
  • Behemoth Brewing Company
  • Croucher Brewing Co
  • Queenstown Brewers
  • Epic Beer
  • Wild & Woolly Brewing
  • North End Brewing
  • Hallertau Brewery
  • Birkenhead Brewing Company
  • Choice Bros
  • McLeod's Brewery
  • Te Aro Brewing
  • The Herbalist by New Zealand Beer Ltd
  • Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria
  • Black Sands Brewing
  • Napier Brewing Company
  • Burkes Brewing Co
  • GodsOwn Brewery
  • Double Vision Brewing Company
  • Hot Water Brewing Co
  • Ferris Road Brewery
  • Fortune Favours
  • Brew Union Brewing Company
  • Heyday Beer Co
  • Emporium Brewing
  • Bellend Brewery
  • Boogie Van Brewing
  • The Laboratory
  • PhatHouse Brewing
  • Colab Brewing
  • Outlier Cartel
  • Urbanaut Brewing Co
  • Whistling Sisters Beer Co
  • B.Effect Brewing Co
  • Tinker Tailor Brewing Ltd


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