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At the AGM of the Brewers Guild in October last year it was agreed that a sub-committee would be formed to review the current structure and the future direction of the Guild. This process has taken place and we are now ready to present recommendations to the membership of the Guild.

We are planning the roadshows to get members of the Guild Executive and the Sub-Committee in front of as many of our members as we can.   At each event we will present the process we have undertaken and the recommendations of the sub-committee and then open the floor for questions and discussion.

Once we have completed the roadshow the recommendations will be made available to all members for further discussions and feedback. Once all feedback has been collated the Sub-Committee will further review and a final recommendation will be put to the membership for a vote at the AGM on Friday 6th October 2017 in Christchurch.  

This period of consultation and engagement with the membership is an important opportunity for you to have your say on our organisation and the way that we will be set up to serve members in the future. We value your input in this process and hope you can join us at one of the events listed below.

PLEASE RSVP TO:, - Please tell us the Roadshow Location you will be attending, your name and brewery name.


Date and Time



Monday 24 July -  2.30pm

Smiths Craft Beer
53 Shotover Street

Wednesday 26 July - 2.00pm

Sprig & Fern Bar
134 Milton Street

Monday 31 July -  2.30pm


2 Mount Eden Road, Grafton

Tuesday 1 August -  2.30pm

Fork and Brewer
20 Bond Street, Te Aro

Wednesday 2 August - 2.30pm

Twisted Hop Pub
616 Ferry Road

Thursday 3 August -  1.45pm

70 Anzac Ave


Jonathan Alve & Emma McCashin
Chairman & President
Brewers Guild of New Zealand

  • Cassels & Sons Brewery
  • Aotearoa Brewery
  • Brew Moon Brewing Company
  • DB Breweries
  • Emerson's Brewery
  • 8 Wired Brewing
  • mike's Brewery
  • Golden Bear Brewing
  • McCashins Brewery
  • Mussel Inn
  • Renaissance Brewery
  • Three Boys Brewery
  • Tuatara Brewing
  • Wanaka Beerworks
  • Wigram Brewing Company
  • Yeastie Boys
  • Sprig & Fern
  • The Twisted Hop
  • Eagle Brewing NZ
  • Valkyrie Brewing Co
  • ParrotDog
  • Liberty Brewing
  • Sawmill Brewing Company
  • Waiheke Brewery
  • Steam Brewing
  • Raindogs Brewing Co
  • Bulmer Harvest
  • Park Life Brewing Co
  • Hawkes Bay Brewing Co.
  • Boundry Road
  • Zeelandt Brewery
  • Townshend Brewery
  • Funk Estate - Auckland
  • Harringtons Breweries
  • Deep Creek Brewing Co
  • Garage Project
  • Fork Brewing
  • Good George Brewing
  • Hop Federation Brewery
  • Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co Ltd
  • Two Thumb Brewing Co Ltd
  • Behemoth Brewing Company
  • Croucher Brewing Co
  • Queenstown Brewers
  • Epic Beer
  • North End Brewing
  • Hallertau Brewery
  • Birkenhead Brewing Company
  • McLeod's Brewery
  • Te Aro Brewing
  • Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria
  • Black Sands Brewing
  • Napier Brewing Company
  • Burkes Brewing Co
  • GodsOwn Brewery
  • Double Vision Brewing Company
  • Hot Water Brewing Co
  • Ferris Road Brewery
  • Fortune Favours
  • Brew Union Brewing Company
  • Heyday Beer Co
  • Emporium Brewing
  • Bellend Brewery
  • Boogie Van Brewing
  • The Laboratory
  • PhatHouse Brewing
  • Colab Brewing
  • Outlier Cartel
  • Urbanaut Brewing Co
  • Whistling Sisters Beer Co
  • B.Effect Brewing Co
  • Tinker Tailor Brewing Ltd
  • Abandoned Husbands Brewing Ltd


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