Panhead is on the Trawl for a Head Brewer

Panhead Brewery

The exciting opportunity bit

Panhead Custom Ales is without doubt the finest brewery in the history of New Zealand ever. What we lack in sophistication, tact and interpersonal skills we compensate for by making awesome beer. By brewing beer this good we’re frankly making a rod for our own backs; people are absolutely baying for the stuff. That’s why we’re desperate to find a highly skilled, endlessly creative, ruthlessly methodical, motivationally empowering Head Brewer to slake people’s thirst and guide us to market domination.

The terrifying challenge bit

Whoever takes on this job had best be up for a challenge. For a kick off you’ve got to know the technical stuff inside out; you’ll be a dab hand at technical recipe design and development and proficient at brew house, cellar, yeast and filtration management. You’ll be able to oversee fermentation, filtration and maturation with a gimlet-eyed focus on quality and consistency.

Next up you’ll be a born leader of men, not to mention several women. You’ll be able to inspire your team to greater heights and build highly functional working relationships with suppliers. You’ll be managing shifts, overseeing assistant brewers and working with the packaging crew. 

Last up, sorry, you probably won’t be a robot. If you are a robot you’ll be one of those models from the future with the advanced emotional programming. We need someone who brings creative flair to the brew house and can help brainstorm new ways of knocking people’s socks off. As a member of the craft beer cognoscenti you know how much drinkers love the goss about beer and brewers so you’ll never tire of talking to people about all the great things we’re up to. 

The checklist of responsibilities bit

·         Inspiring your team and keeping them safe

·         Production Scheduling - management and maintenance of the brewing schedule and optimisation of the schedule to ensure that the brewery is operating at maximum efficiency and capacity

·         Overseeing all aspects of process brewing, from fermentation to maturation and filtration, documenting relevant data and ensuring this information is shared and communicated to the necessary stakeholders on subsequent shifts or in the lab or packaging departments

·         New product design and development and being an ambassador for the brewery

The qualifications and experience bit

·         University degree in Food Science Chemistry, Brewing, Distilling or another relevant field, or industry experience to compensate

·         Minimum three years’ experience in a supervisory position in a brewery or fast paced beverage environment

·         A track record of good team management, communication and staff training abilities

Will you have to live in Auckland?

Bugger that. This job is a proper full-time salaried position in our brewery in scenic Upper Hutt, a sub-tropical paradise with reasonable house prices.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa

How to apply for this dream job

Send your resume with a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and any unmarked bills in US dollars you have in your possession to  Please write "Head Brewer" in the subject line.


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