Diversity Issues In the Media

In May 2021, significant allegations of sexual harassment and assault arose out of the US brewing industry.  While allegations have not been shared as publicly in New Zealand we know that we are not immune to the issues.  In 2019, Stuff reported that they had “found evidence to suggest sexual harassment is endemic in a wide range of industries in NZ.” Sexual assault and harassment is never acceptable.

In May we also saw racism rear its head in our industry.  Collectively we took a strong stand against that incident but there is always more work to do.  

Below are a collection of Podcasts, Discussions and Articles that address issues of diversity and inclusion in the brewing industry.  They provide opportunities for learning, discussion, highlighting issues and the start of solutions.

Podcasts & Panels

Acknowledge - Elevate, Cultivate, Rise Grow

A panel discussion with Denise Garland, Dr Kathleen Kuehn, Molly James and Fiona McNamara held on 11 August. 


Addressing Sexism - The Women's Panel

You can listen to a conversation between Executive Director, Sabrina Kunz and Kylie Lethbridge, General Manager of the IBA and Tiffany Waldron, President of Pink Boots Society Australia about the issues and what some of the solutions might be.  

Supporting Women for Success IBD Panel Discussion

The Scottish Section of the Insitution of Brewing & Distilling has held a panel discussion to share first-hand experiences and discuss what the industry can do to support women int heir careers and attract more women into the sector.