Steward to Judge Program

The program was formally announced in 2019 and aims to support members of industry in development toward becoming a Judge as well as expanding the pool of qualified beer judges in New Zealand. It also provides the opportunity to participate and learn about beer competitions.

Typically, stewards will undertake a minimum of two years as a Steward prior to moving on to the role of Trainee Judge. Trainee Judges will typically undertake a minimum of two years as a Trainee prior to moving on to the role of Judge. 

Entry is required at the Steward stage first.

Progression to each stage will be based on (but not limited to) merit and feedback - progression is not guaranteed nor automatic (walways receive more applications than places available. Not every person will be selected every year). You may be asked to provide a written reference from a Brewers Guild senior judge to support your application for progression to the next stage. Other considerations will include whether the individual is directly involved in brewing and whether they have gained experience in stewarding or judging in other jurisdictions, this may change the length of time a participant spends at each stage before they progress. 

Brewers Guild Stewards are essential to the integrity of the Awards and are responsible for ensuring the judging process is professional and seamless, with a focus on pouring and delivering exhibits to the judging table. 

A Stewards duties typically include:
  • Set up of glassware for judging
  • Pouring beers for judging
  • Tapping kegs
  • Stock control
  • Removing glassware, washing glasses and keeping judging tables in a clean state
  • Ensuring event back of house is in order
  • Ensuring their table judges keep to time

Through the role of Steward, participants gain an invaluable insight to the process for managing and judging a large and complex Beer Awards. Stewards are a crucial part of our competition which we are very grateful for. 

Please note, you do not have to have an interest in Judging or be a participant in the Steward to Judge Program to Steward at the NZBA. 

Selection as a Steward or Judge

We always receive more applications than places available. Not every person will be selected every year (participation in the competition previously does not guarantee your selection for the upcoming or future years competitions). 

While being selected as a participant is a privilege – (and we ask that you treat it as such) we are very grateful for everyone involved who gives up their time to volunteer for the competition. We could not run the competition without you! Both Stewarding and Judging are key components to running a successful competition. 

The Selection Process for our Judges & Stewards is able to be viewed HERE