Brewery Membership

Our goal continues to be to represent your business, to help protect your right to trade from the many regulatory challenges we face and to inform and guide New Zealand’s brewing industry into a strong and sustainable future

  • We are the voice of the industry, we represent you to government, media and
    other regulatory bodies that make decisions that impact both your business and
    your right to trade.
  • We keep you informed so you know what is going on, and when.
  • We offer support in the way of business tools, templates, benefits and discounts.
  • We SUPPORT, CHAMPION AND BOOST you, your business and the wider

As a member of the Guild, you receive exclusive benefits and discounts including:

  • Discounts on your NZ Beer Awards entries (35% discount!) and awards event tickets
  • Training & education ie. Cicerone, St John Mental Health First Aid
  • Regional gatherings & Webinars during the year
  • AIBA’s consolidation scheme for reduced freight costs
  • NZ Ale Trail FREE listing for members -
  • Exclusive deals from our corporate partners

NEW Benefits for 2024:

  • NEW Food Safety plan templates – current to 2024 regulations
  • NEW Labelling guide with the latest requirements
  • NEW Employment/Contract templates with 2024 legislation updates
  • AIBA’s judge scholarship
  • NZ Fuel Cards – fuel discounts
  • CSC Buying Group discount card
  • NEW Social responsibility education and courses

    With more to come.. 

Brewery Membership - please click HERE 

Brewery Membership Size
(based on annual production)

(excl GST)

Micro: Up to 50,000 litres


Small Tier 1: 50,001 to 100,000 litres


Small Tier 2: 100,001 to 200,000 litres


Medium Tier 1: 200,001 to 600,000 litres


Medium Tier 2: 600,001 to 2 million litres


Large Tier 1:  2 million to 5 million litres


Large Tier 2:  More than 5 million litres